The BIC Soft SUP boards are made from a polystyrene foam blank strengthened by double stringers in wood and reinforced by a standard fibreglass and epoxy resin laminate. Foam pads are glued onto the rails and tail of the board for added comfort and protection. Polyethylene foam is also glued onto the deck for non-skid traction and comfort.

1.  Eva foam 4cm thick
2.  Polyethylene foam 5mm thick
3.  Fibreglass 170g/m2 + epoxy
4.  Fibreglass 170g/m2 + epoxy
5.  Polystyrene foam 25kg/m3
6.  Wood stringer
7.  Gliding surface in PVC 5mm
8.  Fibreglass 120g/m2
9.  Foam EVA rails 4mm thick
The SUP Air is a high pressure inflatable board. The material is made up of a three-layer PVC coated and reinforced fabric. A mesh of very fine polyester threads connects the skin on the deck to the skin of the hull. This “Drop-Stitch” technique ensures that the board has a controlled shape and can be inflated to very high pressures for maximum rigidity and performance. A high-pressure 15 psi pump (supplied with the board) inflates the board to its correct pressure for maximum performance and glide.

1. Anti-skid pads in EVA foam 5mm thick
2. 3rd layer of PVC fabric
3. 2nd layer of PVC fabric
4. 1st layer of PVC fabric
5. Base PVC fabric
6. Polyester filaments between the two sides