The BIC Shaping Team comprises talented individuals who share a genuine love of SUP and surfing combined with a passion for innovative design. Their results truly reflect our philosophy to “Honour the Past, Invent the Future”.


  Gérard Dabbadie (Hossegor, France)

A former European surf champion, Gérard possesses over 30 years of shaping experience. Respected as a master craftsman of the surfboard, Gérard has honed his skills on boards ranging from super fast high performance shortboards, through to those seeking a fun ride on a mid-length board. A highly regarded shaper, he has crafted boards for many of his country’s top surfers and is an esteemed member of our BIC Sport Research and Design Team. 


  Peter Pan (Rhode Island, USA)

An icon on the US east coast waves, Peter has been surfing for 40 years and was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame in 1996. A versatile waterman, Peter has directed numerous surfing competitions and holds countless shortboarding, longboarding, bodyboarding and kneeboarding titles. A colourful character and one of surfing’s greats, he has been an integral part of the BIC Sport Research and Design Team for nearly a decade. He has been fully involved in the design of the BIC SUP boards.  INTERVIEW 


  Patrice Remoiville (Hossegor, France)

Patrice Remoiville is the man in charge of the develoment of the Stand UP Paddle boards at BIC Sport. He has been shaping boards for over 25 years and is the man who designed the AVP Surfboards. His knowledge of composite materials and shapes is extensive. Patrice is now working closely with our international rider, Eric Terrien, shaping and working on his race prototypes. Patrice Remoiville’s experience and research is a valuable asset when creating our production boards. Patrice’s latest design: the new SUP WING 12’6.  INTERVIEW