Right at the heart of the factory where production boards are manufactured, the RACE-TEC workshop is an essential component of the BIC Sport research and development facility. It comprises a shaping room, a digitally controlled KMS 4-axis shaping machine, a laminating room, and separate sanding and painting rooms.

Our 12’6 RACE-TEC boards first appear as CAO drawings and plans, a result of close collaboration between Patrice and Eric. The prototypes are then thoroughly water-tested by Eric during his training sessions and, once approved, put straight to work on his competition events.

Once the prototype has been approved, it is precisely and accurately reproduced to 90% of the process by the shaping machine, then the final 10% finished by hand in the shaping room by Patrice himself.

This foam « shape » is then covered with a high- resistance aramid/carbon/glass fibre composite sheet and impregnated with Epoxy resin.

Almost ten hours of work goes into the production of every RACE-PRO board.



•Expanded polystyrene foam 15 kg/m3

•1 layer of kevlar/carbon sheet 170 gr/m2
•1 layer of glass fibre sheet 100 gr/m2
•Anti-UV Epoxy resin
•Fibre glass reinforcements at key pressure areas:
under the feet, the bow section, and around the
inserts (plugs and fin box)
•Finish : Epoxy shell and Protech matt P400

This factor is vitally important for anyone hoping to win top level race events, and to guarantee excellent acceleration and velocity. RACE-TEC construction enables us to produce super light weight boards that deliver top performance.
Approximate weight of our 12’6 boards once fully fitted
(foot pads and fin) : 12’6 x 26.5’’ : 21lbs / 9,5 kg
                                    12’6 x 28.5’’ : 22lbs / 10 kg

Our RACE-TEC boards come with the following fittings :
•A BIC SUP Deck Grip foot pad featuring the « diamond
groove » design used on our production boards
•Two carry handles on the 12’6 models
•A decompression valve
•A leash plug on the tail
•A 8.5 FCS fin