DURA-TEC is the Most Durable Construction Available


Legendary durability, DURA-TEC combines an ultra-durable polyethylene outer shell (like a kayak but lighter weight) with a full polyurethane foam core (like a surfboard) thermoformed in steel molds to ensure consistent and accurate reproduction of the original shape. Proven and long lasting with great performance, we’ve been making recreational wind and surf boards like this since the 1980’s and many are still on the water today!

1- Polyethylene outer shell: Ultra-durable skin to reduce impact damage.
2- Deck pad:
Low-profile, lightweight EVA provides comfort and grip.
3- Closed cell polyurethane inner core:
Durable and watertight. Doesn’t retain water in the event of damage to outer shell.
4- FCS fin system
*: High performance universal standard for maximum fin customization.
*BIC SURF DURA-TEC, BIC SUP (thruster fins).



The tube of extruded (molten) polyethylene is gravity-moulded then shaped by being blown against the inner walls of its hollow mould.
Next it’s cooled, taken out of the mould and moved to a steel shaper where it is expansion-filled with high density polyurethane foam.

Watch the video: