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Jimmy Blakeney
  Peter Pan


The expertise

With over 20 years of experience in the Action Sports and Paddlesports Industries Jimmy has done it all: brand manager, marketing director, product developer, US National Champion kayaker, coach/instructor and brand ambassador. When SUP began to appear in America, Jimmy was quickly hooked and put his knowledge and experience into the development of the sport. Currently BIC Sport’s SUP product and marketing manager, he works in close collaboration with shaper Patrice Remoiville on the direction and development of new boards, paddles and product refinements. An ACA-certified instructor and instructor trainer, he’s heavily involved in the direction and evolution of SUP, and his rigorous approach to all aspects of the sport is a real plus for both the product development and promotion of BIC SUP.




The icon

Peter Pan got his nickname at a surf contest in the 60s when the announcer couldn’t pronounce his full last name, Panagiotis. Today «Pan» is a surf legend of the eastern coast of the USA with more than 40 years of round the clock surfing under his belt and induction into the Surfing Hall of Fame in 1996. A versatile waterman, Peter has directed numerous surfing competitions and holds countless shortboarding, longboarding, bodyboarding and kneeboarding titles. His motto: “Function over fashion”. He likes to compare his surfboards to the original Volkswagen Beetles. They are designed to be an easy ride for a low price, so everyone can get around. Pete is a colourful character and one of surfing’s greats, he’s been an integral part of the BIC Sport Research and Design Team for more than a decade.

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