Peter Holliday


Peter Holliday


Hi, my name is Pete Holliday; I’m 35 and from the Bournemouth on the South Coast in the UK. During the day I run a digital agency called Juicy, but when I’m not in the office I love nothing more than being on/in the water surfing, SUP or Outrigger.  
I’m also on the committee of the UK’s biggest SUP club BaySUP & help coach and teach SUP for The Sup School
who are based in Bournemouth.
I’m a pretty busy guy! My main interest outside of paddling is in nutrition and wellbeing.






Interview :

How long have you been practicing SUP?
I gave it a go in 2009, started flat water racing in 2010 & won my first major event in 2010 (Sup World Cup in Germany) I was hooked thereafter…

Before SUP, what sports you practicing? Which other sports are you practicing?
Primarily I was into short board surfing and mixed martial arts for fitness.  I thought I was quite fit until I did my first SUP race J, now I paddle my SUP & Outrigger canoe but mix up some circuit training and indoor rowing.

How did you discover the Stand Up Paddle?

I got into it as a surfer buddy of mine had given it a go and I just joined in one day.  I thought it would be a great way to get more water time as the South Coast is not exactly epic when it comes to surf conditions.  

What are your favorite spots?
Locally I love paddling Bournemouth Bay and Poole harbor.  It’s a stunning location. Abroad California has to be my favorite so far.

Where do you prefer to paddle: shore? On flat water? In the waves?
For me I’d rather be paddling or surfing in the ocean.  Sometimes when the weather is really bad I paddle the rivers locally, but it’s the ocean that I love most.  Number one I’d rather be surfing but we don’t get great consistent swell here in the South Coast.

What make the English coast so special?

We’re so blessed here; we have so much water around us; the bay, the harbor and the local rivers. You can always go paddling somewhere whatever the weather.  It’s a shame we don’t get a bit more surf, but it’s not a million miles to drive down to the South West when the forecast is good. We can also get some good downwind paddles as we get consistent South West winds that blow across Bournemouth Bay.

Do you h
ave any special training?
Nothing that revolutionary, I try to paddle as much as I can but also keep some circuit training to keep strength.  I also have some really nasty indoor rowing workouts if I can’t get out on the water.  They are possibly the most painful workouts ever! I try to balance my physical training with yoga which is amazing for mental balance as well as physical balance and flexibility.

Your quiver? Your favorite board?

I’m surfing the 9’0 BIC C-TEC Pro Wave which is an awesome board.  Short enough to throw around but can handle some pretty big size too.  I ride it in the quad set-up to keep it loose.

For distance work I’m paddling the new 12’6 BIC RACE-TEC Pro (here).
I have a 12’6 Wing (here) for people to demo – this is a great entry level race board.  Stable, indestructible and incredible value.
I’ve also got a garage full of short boards and my Outrigger canoe too.

You just receive a new board from BIC, what is your opinion on it?

The new 12’6 BIC RACE-TEC Pro is amazing.  It’s 9.4kg’s with fin & stickers! It’s the lightest race board I’ve paddled & for someone light like me it’s a real benefit.


What are your strongest memories in competition?
My best rac
e memory is from the 2012 Battle of The Paddle, California.  I was stoked to get 4th in my class in the 10 mile distance race.  That was the toughest race I’ve done in 34 degree heat against the best in the World.

Your prospects in the upcoming events?

Race season is really starting to take off here now in the UK.  I hope to continue to get a podium position at all the UK races as I have managed for the last two years, but the standard is rising fast so it’s a tough challenge and pushes me hard in training to keep ahead.  Last year I attended the SUP Race Cup in St Tropez, I’m going again this year and I’d really like to improve my position in Europe.  There are some seriously good paddlers attending from all over the world so it will be a tough but exciting race.

What is your next event?

The next major event here is the Head Of The Dart which is a 7 mile race down the river Dart in Devon. It’s traditionally a rowing race but for the last few years they have allowed SUP to enter.  It’s a beautiful location, although in the race you don’t get much chance to take in your surroundings.

I try to cover most of my race events and results on my blog