Nikki Gregg


Nikki Gregg


Nikki is a leader in the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) industry, well known for her pioneering work developing one of the first SUP Fitness programs, as well as her expertise in whitewater and racing. Gregg has over 14 years of experience as a professional in the fitness industry, which helped her create a unique and highly effective fitness program based around Stand Up Paddleboarding.





When and where did you start SUP ?

I started stand up paddling over six years ago when I lived on the north shore of Oahu. I was a full-time fitness trainer and began SUP surfing twice every day. My body started to really tone up and lean out and my clients began to ask me about the sport. I came up with a SUP fitness program for my clients and thus began my stand up paddle career.


Which sports did you practiced before? And now ?

I really love variety and also being in the outdoors, challenging myself physically. So up until SUP I have particpated in many outdoor sports including Snowboarding, kayaking, raft guiding, mountain biking, climbing and surfing. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be expérienced in both mountain and océan sports.


How have the sports you did before help with SUP ?

It's all come together in a way that, for me, makes SUP the perfect sport because it blends all my experiences and skills in board sports, paddlesports and surfing into one sport.


What attracts you in the SUP ?

What attracts me most to SUP is the variety of disciplines within the sport. I like that I can SUP surf in the ocean, then go run whitewater rapids and then teach a 70 year old woman who has never done a water sport in her life to paddle. It never gets boring and just about everyone, anywhere, can get involved in the sport



How about SUP Race in the surf....haha. If I had to choose one I'd go surf, but I enjoy both 

What's the vibe between surfers and SUPers at your local breaks?

The vibe is different everywhere I go. With more and more stand up paddlers hitting the surf line up I think the tension continues to build. Personally, nobody ever gives me a hard time. As soon as the surfers see that I have the surfing skills and etiquette the surfers seem to relax. I also don't paddle my SUP out to crowded line ups.


SUP is booming, do you think this is a fad or a change in attitudes over the long term?

I feel like stand up paddling will continue to grow for a several more years and then probably level off, but the sport is here to stay.

Did you ever had the opportunity to surf beyond U.S. borders ?

Yes, recently I've been to Chile, Fiji, New Zealand, and Canada to SUP surf. I'm looking forward to exploring more international locations!

Few words or a punch line to convince a friend to get the SUP?

It will change your life!

Other ways to practice the sup are growing, (sup fitness, sup yoga) do you think it's good for it?

I think if it gets people out on the water, gets them fit and puts a huge smile on their face then it's good for the sport. 

The SUP equipment is often very large, what you think about the new inflatable boards then.

I think everyone should have an inflatable, especially if they travel or live in an apartment where it's not easy to store or carry a board up an elevator. The construction of the boards gets better every year. They're also inexpensive and can take a beating!


Do you participate in competitions?

Yes, all kinds; flatwater, downwind, course racing, surf racing, whitewater downriver and sup cross.

Which boards are you riding? Which one is your favorite?

Currently in my quiver are the 11'0 and 12'6 Wing, 9'0 Wave Pro, 10'6 SUP-Fit, and 11'0 C-Tec Classic. I have to say, the board I grab the most is the new 11'0 Wing. It's great for my size, it's lightweight, stable, fast, tracks well, and is just super fun to paddle. I love it!


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Her Scores :

 2012 :    
- 1st at Jericho Oceanman Adeventure Race.
- 2nd overall at the BC SUP cup.
- 1st toutes catégories at FIBARK, SALIDA, CO
- 1st toutes catégories at ROCKY MOUNTAIN SURF FESTIVAL à Glenwood Springs


WATCH THE VIDEO to see Nikki in action one her new BIC SUP boards and to learn more about her.