Julie Roach


Julie Roach


Julie is one of the few early pioneers of SUP Yoga and created H2YO SUP Yoga & Fitness in 2009. She is certified in several schools of yoga and standup paddleboarding. The H2YO program is committing to safety and empowering anyone and everyone to an incredible experience on the water. Julie is registered with Yoga Alliance, nominated to the educational panel for SUP Yoga with the ACA, and the safety in education panel for the SUPIA. She is also a regular contributer to Samata magazine with her “How To” column.





When and where did you start SUP ?

In Winter Park Florida on the beautiful chain of lakes in the fall of 2008.

Which sports did you practiced before ?

I was a runner and triathlete for 10 yrs and really beat up my body. I was recovering from a bike injury and tried a yoga class.


And now ?

  Yoga and SUP ! The calming effect of yoga and cardio from a strong paddle are all I need.

How have the sports you did before help with SUP ?

The cardio benefits I get from a nice long paddle are much more beneficial with out all the pounding on my knees and hips. The core training I get while paddling or doing yoga on the board are much more beneficial then any sport I’ve ever done.


What attracts you to SUP ?

Being outside, gliding across the water completely peaceful and connected to nature, spiritually and physically.

SUP RACE, SUP SURF or something else ?

SUP YOGA ! It’s one big SUP family though. SUP yoga is usually offered at most all the events and races now.

SUP is booming, do you think this is a fad or a change in attitudes over the long term ?

I think the naysayers have never tried it! The learning curve is much shorter then other water sports like wakeboarding or windsurfing. When I see mom’s with toddlers on board, or couples coming out for a date-night, it is obvious this is reaching a wider audience then ever imagined.

Do you participate in competitions?

No, even when I was participating in triathlon, I was pretty laid back in that department. “Everything in moderation” is my motto. My goal is to be doing SUP Yoga on my 100th birthday.


For more information about Julie visit :www.H2YOJulieRoach.com


Results/Accomplishments :

Invited to teach the yoga programs at BOP, Mongoose since 2009. Presenter at the ACA National Paddlsports conference.

Brand Ambassador to INdoYoga Board, MTI adventurewear, Sweetwaterwear …



VIDEO : Yoga Series at : www.youtube.com/standuppaddlingtv