The C-TEC range comprises a selection of the best boards shaped by two of the big names in the business, to satisfy even the most demanding of riders. Peter Hosking (Australia) is the name on the Classic, designed for mixed flat and wave riding, and Patrice Remoiville is responsible for the new Wave Pro, a wave board designed in collaboration with our rider David Latastere. Both ranges are made using C-TEC, a very aesthetic and super strong clear epoxy constuction including a bamboo-reinforced deck.




11’0″ C-TEC Classic SUPNEW
Ref : S4444

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11’6″ C-TEC Classic SUPNEW
Ref : S4445

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12’0″ C-TEC Classic SUPNEW
Ref : S4446

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9’0″ C-TEC Wave Pro SUPNEW
Ref : S4447

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9’4″ C-TEC Wave Pro SUPNEW
Ref : S4448

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9’10” C-TEC Wave Pro SUPNEW
Ref : S4449

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