Alain Luck


Alain Luck 


Interview :

Where do you live ? 
I live in Zurich, Switzerland.

Where do you do SUP more often ?
Mostly on the lake here in Zurich, in Douarnenez (Brittany, France), and where ever the races take me.


What is your favorite quiver ?
For the 2015 Season I used a BIC Race Pro 14’ x 24”, a Race Pro 12’6” x 25.5” and for the Waves the 8’6” Wave Pro. The 14’ is a fast flatwater race board for the race conditions here in Switzerland and Germany, the slightly wider 12’6 on the other side has the necessary stability for ocean conditions. For 2016 I am looking forward to the new Tracer Worldseries in both 14’ and 12’6”.


When did you start with BIC Sport ?
Late 2014, I was lucky to pick up my 12’6 at the Paris Nautic Expo just in time for the Paris Sup Crossing 2014.

How long have you been paddle boarding ?
I started paddling in 2010/11 and I picked up organised training for SUP Racing two years ago (September 2013).

What do you do when you are not paddling ?
I do a lot of sports besides paddling, be it for fun or as crosstraining for racing. This includes running, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, surfing, swimming, windsurfing or gym training. Besides all the sport I am a university student and I teach SUP, windsurfing and skiing.

The biggest part of your successes is in Racing. What do you like in this sport ?
Coming from a rowing background I like the diversity and flexibility in SUP racing. In rowing it is always 2km races in lanes, whereas in SUP you have everything from white water, beach races, downwinders to longdistance flatwater races. This diversity motivates me to train for as many aspects of the sport as possible.


Where do you like paddle boarding the best ? On the ocean ? on flat water ? in the waves ? 
As I mostly paddle on flat water at home I really like it when I get to paddle in the ocean. For me flatwater and ocean both have their advantages: on flatwater you can really work on yourself and focus on your technique and boardspeed, whereas in the ocean you constantly have to read the ocean and adapt your technique.


What is your best souvenir while racing ?.
The Paris SUP Crossing last year. Although it was certainly not my best race, as I just got a new board under my feet and I really messed up the start in the current, it was a very special experience to paddle through the city of Paris at sunrise. The huge crowd of both competitors and spectator give a vision off what potential lies in SUP racing.



What nice trip did you do recently on SUP ? 
My whole summer 2015 was kind of one epic trip through Europe. Starting in Douarnenez where I prepared for the season over the Easter holidays, then Italy, where we raced on the lake in Kaltern for the Sup Alps Trophy, to the Lost Mills Race in Germany, and all the Races in Switzerland for the SupTourSchweiz, this was a season to remember.

What are your accomplishments in SUP today ?


2nd Overall Longdistance SUP Tour Schweiz 2015

3rd place SUP Race Bodensee – Long Distance

2nd SUP Race Lago Maggiore – Long Distance

2nd SUP Race Schwarzsee – Long Distance

2nd SUP Race Nyon – Short Distance

2nd SUP Race Davos – Long Distance

4th SUP Race Luzern – Long Distance



2nd SUP Race Interlaken – Thun

1st SUP Race Murten

2nd SUP Race Preverenges