Mikaella Yiasoumi


Mikaella Yiasoumi 


Interview :

Where do you live ?
In one of the most beautiful islands in the world: Santorini

Where do you do SUP more often ?
In the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea


What is your favorite quiver ?
BIC Race 12’6

How long have you been paddle boarding ?
I have been supping for 6 years

What else do you do besides paddling ?
I love the waves so I love surfing I love boards so I skate!

What do you hope to achieve in your next competitions?
I hope I get the best results but above all meet awesome people and have fun 😉

Where is your next race?
In Greece

Where do you like paddle boarding the best ? On the ocean ? on flat water ? in the waves ?
Everywhere 🙂 but I love challenges so I love wind and waves a lot 🙂  

What is your best souvenir while racing ?
The amazing and magnificent Isthmus Crossing ! Is one of the most breathtaking Rides I ever been too !

What nice trip did you do recently on SUP ?
In Canary Islands this Christmas surfing and supping 🙂

What are your accomplishments in SUP till today ?
July 2012
Windsurfers on Tour Event Limassol Cyprus
1st Place

November 2012
Naish Hellenic Sup CUP Isthmus Corinth Greece
1st Place

August 2013
Windsurfers on Tour Event Limassol Cyprus
1st Place

September 2013
3rd Hellenic SUP CUP 4th Stop in Loutsa Athens Greece
1st Place

October 2013
First Cyprus SUP race Kiti Larnaca Cyprus                 
1st Place in women

October 2013
3rd Hellenic SUP CUP Isthmus Corinth Greece       
1st Place in women

December 2013
Nautic SUP crossing
7th place in PRO WOMEN  
July 2014
4th Hellenic 2nd stop Olympic rowing centre
2nd place

November 2014
3rd Hellenic SUP CUP OVERALL
1st Place in women 14″

December 2014
6th place in women PRO