Danny Walton


Danny Walton 


Danny Walton is a SUP athlete based in Ketchum,ID. You can find him on the Sawtooth Alpine lakes or doing runs on the Salmon River. He is the owner/operator of the Sun Valley Paddleboard Co. and is accredited ACA Instructor.


Interview :

When and where did you start SUP?
My first time on a SUP was in 2010. Higher Ground, a camp for Military Vets asked me to lead the SUP day. I had never been on a SUP. So, I watched a bunch of you tubes to taught myself before the camp. I was instantly hooked. The next year I bought my first boards and the rest is history.

Which sports did you practice before? And now?
My background is a professional Big Mountain Telemark skier. I also love rock climbing,yoga and mountain biking. My wife introduced me to surfing 4 years ago and I love our annual trips.

How have the sports you did before helped with SUP?
Skiing has given me my balance so, I feel comfortable on the board even in rough seas. Climbing gave me a lot of core strength. Mountain Biking provided me with my endurance base.

What attracts you to SUP?
Time on the water and being in nature. There is something about being on a lake, river or ocean. It allows you the time to notice all the beauty and wildlife. Plus, it is an amazing work-out that has taken my fitness to new levels.

SUP race, SUP surf or something else?
I love all aspects of SUP… touring, whitewater, yoga and surf.

SUP is booming, do you think this is a fad or a change in attitudes over the long term?
SUP is here for the long term! There are so many places to paddle and different aspects of the sport to keep people getting hooked.

Do you participate in competitions?
Not yet. Maybe, this is the year to hit the Payette River Games!

List Results/Accomplishments:

1st American to cross Lake Erie on a SUP.

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