Josh Hall 


  Joshua has been paddling and teaching for over 18 years for Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission, an American Canoe Association Pro School, where her serves as the agencies Outdoor Program Manager. Accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE). CCPRC’s Outdoor Program was the first, and currently only, park and recreation to be earn this honor.

Joshua is most happy when he is teaching in the outdoors and sharing his knowledge with both youth and adult. His Coaching adventures have taken him all over the continental US, Hawaii, Europe and Japan. Josh’s Credentials include: , American Canoe Association (ACA) L5 Advanced Open Water Instructor Trainer Educator, ACA L2 SUP Instructor Trainer Educator, ACA L5 Whitewater Kayak Instructor, L-4 Whitewater Canoe Instructor, and is endorsed as an ACA Traditional Skills and Adaptive Paddling Instructor. In 2012 Joshua was awarded the ACA’s Excellence in Instruction award for his teaching and curriculum development contributions. In addition, Joshua has served as a Board of Director for the American Canoe Association (ACA) and chair of the ACA’s Coastal Kayak committee.
Joshua was the first ACA SUP ITE and is credited with authoring the first curriculum adopted by the ACA. He now serves as Chair of the committee and with many other talented trainers has helped the program grow leaps and bounds,
As the current chair of East Coast Paddlesports & Outdoor Festival, he has continued the tradition of establishing this event as the premier paddlesport event, not only on the east coast but the country as a whole.

‘I am very fortunate to work with and for


Interview : 

When and where did you start SUP ?

Started iN Charleston 2009

Which sports did you practiced before? And now?
Sea Kayak instructor and ww canoe and Kayak _ sailing, lacrosse, soccer, climbing, Mt Biking

How have the sports you did before help with SUP?
Better balance!

What attracts you to SUP?
Walking on water, Surf etc teaching is my passion love sharing my passion with others

SUP RACE, SUP SURF or something else?
Love competing in local races


I am very fortunate to work with and for many wonderful and professional people. Thanks to share my passion with you.