Amber Shadwick is a nationally recognized fitness and wellness professional. Amber holds high reputation in the weight loss and fitness industry as her professional experience includes working as the head trainer and fitness specialist at Hilton Head Health. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and a Master’s degree in Health Promotion. As the former aerobic trainer for the University of Kentucky Women’s Gymnastics team, Amber inspires health and wellness at any level. She is a certified ACSM Fitness, Wellness and Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, 200-RYT, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and Examiner, Balanced Body Barre Certified Instructor, Balanced Body Reformer Instructor, BIC SUP Ambassador, ACA Paddleboard Instructor, ACE Stand Up (Paddleboard) Fitness Instructor, TRX Suspension Trainer, Indoor Cycling Trainer, K2 Inline Skate Ambassador, as well as she holds a Primary Nutrition Certification. Her passion for mind-body wellness is vibrant, creative and unmatched. Amber has developed the SUP Yoga Program at Hilton Head Island’s premiere outdoor outfitter, Outside Hilton Head. She delivers destination wellness programming for corporate groups, team buildings as well as designs and implements corporate employee wellness programs. She facilitates several destination fitness and wellness programs at major hotels and resorts. Her philosophy is simple- whole foods and holistic fitness- which inspire complete and sustainable mind-body-spirit wellness. Her motto and business “FITSIDE” brand signature is “Get Outside. Get Fit. Get Happy”.


Interview :

When and where did you start SUP ?
I started SUP’ing when I moved to Hilton Head Island about 6 years ago. I was drawn to SUP as an additional form of outdoor activity in efforts to enable and enhance core strength, balance, functionality and sustainability of my body, mind and spirit.

Which sports did you practiced before? And now?
I have an extensive background in classical dance arts. Currently my favorite sport is yoga!

How have the sports you did before help with SUP?
My previous and current physical activity regiments have contributed to better balance, coordination and core strength.

What attracts you to SUP?
The freedom and liberation! The mind, body, spirit and environmental connection. The physical engagement alongside the rooted inspiration for functionality, diversity, and sustainability.

SUP RACE, SUP SURF or something else?
SUP Yoga!

SUP is booming, do you think this is a fad or a change in attitudes over the long term?
I believe SUP is an evolution. I think awareness, respect and desire will continue to increase, and the sport itself will become more and more accessible to all. Fear will dissipate, and more individuals (of various ages and disciplines) will acknowledge SUP’s functional and sustainable benefits and value.

Do you participate in competitions?
Yes. However, racing is not my forte. I do always keep an open mind for a competitive spirit, but I feel passionate about embracing the serene, calm and connective element.



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