01 – BIC SUP Yoga




Hi, I’m Julie Roach, BIC SUP ambassador and creator of H2YO SupYoga & Fitness.

Many of my students are new to SUP, and many are new to Yoga, but everyone can enjoy SUP Yoga. Standup paddling is the fastest growing watersport on the planet. Yoga on a SUP is a significant part of that growth, in large part because it’s such a fun, rewarding challenge and the fact that instability training is rapidly moving to the forefront of athletic training. SUP Yoga has the advantage of complete core engagement from the moment you step on board. As soon as you step onto an unstable surface (i.e., the water, your board) your whole body engages. The smaller, somewhat underused muscles fire up in this situation, where balance & focus are key. Yoga brings the body and mind together; your focus, and your balance. So firing up your core muscles, tuning into your body and being completely present are some major benefits. A calm sense of accomplishment, core strength building and more flexibility are also included as an added bonus. Chances are you have a body of water close to you where you can try this incredible experience of yoga on the water!

To get you started, take a look at some of my SUP YOGA episodes of Standup Paddling TV

Try out the sequences a few times at home after watching the videos. Once you learn the order of the poses it will flow smoothly out on your board. Don’t worry, they are easy to follow and not complicated. I have enjoyed testing the poses that safely transition on to the water. Then head out and try it on your floating yoga mat, your SUP. Find a calm cove, lake or even the ocean past the surf break and anchor your board. Be sure to bring a leash & PFD and give it a go!

The beginner and advanced series of H2YO was created over 5 years of trial & error. I loved finding what poses work on the water and which were less conducive to being on the water. Most everyone can do the basic asanas or poses in my yoga series. We start low to the board to build confidence and stability. Progressions are made through PRACTICE & PATIENCE! Even for the experienced yogi, it takes your yoga practice back to DAY 1.


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