SUP AIR Technology


The SUP Air is a high pressure inflatable board using “Drop-Stitch” material. This material is made up of a double-layer PVC coated and reinforced fabric, with a mesh of very fine polyester threads connecting the deck to the hull. These threads ensure that the board can be inflated to very high pressures, and when combined with a 6” thickness as standard on all SUP Air boards, the rigidity and performance is maximized for general all-round use. A high-pressure pump is supplied with the board, allowing you to easily inflate it to the 15 PSI recommended for maximum performance and glide.

1- Outer layer PVC fabric for extra stiffness and durability.
2- Inner layer PVC fabric for definition of shape and rocker.
3- Drop-Stitch material, base layer PVC with polyester filaments.
4- Traction pad in EVA foam 4mm thick.