Eric Terrien


Eric Terrien , one of the best riders in the world, has signed up in december with BIC Sport. He is representing BIC SUP in the major international races and is working closely with our development team on the design of our new collections. Interview.

For how long have you been doing SUP?
Since 2007.

And before that, what sports did you do?
I learned how to surf, windsurf and bodyboard when I was very young. Then when I was a teenager I used to roller race, and when SUP came about, I was mostly into surfing and windsurfing.


What helps you stay fit for your SUP training?
Apart from SUP racing, I go to a gym, I run and I surf SUP. I try to also include other sports such as rowing and canoeing.


Your major wins are in Racing. What do you most like in that discipline?
The more I paddle, the more I love it. I love the sensations I get from it, the way just by sheer arm power, you can move on the water. It's quite technical and subtle. Every time I get out on the water, it's like a new experience, I'm really hooked! Of course I love to push myself to the limits.


In all the competitions you've done, what stands out the most?
The start of the Elite races at the Battle of the Paddles, those are very intense moments indeed! And being on the "top 10" podium of that race is an amazing moment also!


Where do you prefer to race? out at sea? on flat water? in waves?
I prefer actually the downwind races and competitions in waves but I like all sorts of courses.


How do you go about maintaining your level of fitness?
My number one principle is to enjoy what I'm doing! I train because I like it and not because I have to. My second principle is to always listent to my coach, Braulio Fernandez. It's thanks to him that I've progressed so much both physically and technically. And then of course there's good nutrition, proper sleep, a healthy life style and lots of good humour!

You're currently living in the Canaries, why is that?
It's a fantastic place for water sports. And the weather is good all year round!


Your girlfriend has also gone on to SUP, do you recommend that sport for women?
Anita started SUP in 2009, I met her at the Spanish Championships that year, and both of us came 2nd in our category! My mother is also into the sport, since 2010. She was at the SUP Race Cup at Ste Maxime, and since then she's been taking part in several competitions, including the 11 city tour in Holland.
I recommend that sport to everyone, men and women. It's a well-rounded sport, it's out in the open air, and the actual aspect of fitness/paddling is very interesting for anyone who wants to stay fit or wants to lose some weight and at the same time enjoy themselves.
The SUP is a great way to go out on the water, as a couple, with friends.

What is the minimum quiver you have in order to compete at high level today?
In SUP surf, I've always had just the one board and one paddle, at the moment I have a 8x8 and that suits me fine in a maximum of conditions. For the paddle, I use a Select Pro Wave.
In SUP race I try and keep as simple a quiver as possible... Unfortunately I have to have several boards to compete in all the different categories. So I try to have one board per category (a 12'6, a 14' and a UL). It's the 12'6 that i plan to use in most events.
As regards my race paddles, I have several of them, ust in case, but I always use the same one, the Select Pro Race.


You've started working with Patrice Remoiville, BIC Sports "factory" shaper. What are your latest creations?
We have made two 12'6 that I will be using during 2012. They are identical apart from a slight difference where the rails are. The aim is to test and compare them to each other. The feedback will be used for future developments; I'll keep the one that I'm most at ease with in terms of speed and stability.
Patrice has also shaped my custom SUP surf 8x28 and I'm really happy with it.

Will Patrice use your feedback for the next BIC SUP boards?
Yes, that's why it's very important that all my boards be shaped by Patrice. With each prototype, we test new ideas. I test them out on the water and see how they fare according to our guidelines. If we approve them, they go on to be series boards.

Do you think that the hulls of SUPs can still be improved?
Yes there are still lots of improvements that can be done. It's quite a headache to come up with fast and stable boards, especially if you want them to be used in a maximum of conditions.
You have to work on the rails, the hull, the rocker, the outline and even the design of the deck...



Eric's racing record:

Winner of more than 60 international events since 2009
Médaille de bronze des championnats du monde ISA 2012
Médaille de bronze des championnats du monde ISA 2014
N.4 mondial World Series 2012
N.9 mondial World Series 2013
N.7 mondial World Series 2014
N.1 européen EuroSupa 2010, 2011 et 2012
Champion de France de 2010 à 2013
Vainqueur du Lost Mills en 2013 et 2014
Vainqueur de la Torche Pro 2012
Vainqueur de la Paris Sup crossing en 2010, 2011 et 2012
Vainqueur de la Sup Race Cup en 2010, 2011, 2012 et 2014
Vainqueur de la Morbihan Paddle Trophy 2014
5e de la Molokaï-Oahu en 2011 et 2012